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Updated August 24, 2006


Fulani Supporters Stay, Courts Rule
Two separate Supreme Court rulings in mid-August, in Brooklyn and Manhattan, allow members of the party's Fulani faction to remain in the party. The decisions are being appealed by Frank MacKay and Tom Connolly.

Meanwhile, there will be primaries for State Committee seats in four Queens and three Staten Island districts. There may also be numerous County Committee contests throughout New York City. There will also likely be unrelated primary contests in various parts of the state; check with your county Board of Elections.

Candidates Nominated; Fulani Supporters Might be Disenrolled - June 3-4
Elliot Spitzer, Jeanine Pirro, Alan Hevesi and Hillary Clinton were nominated for statewide office at a meeting of the State Committee on June 3rd. Each received between 77% and 80% of the weighted vote, mostly in the form of proxies held by the party Chair and Vice-Chairs. Approximately 60 committee members attended. No discussion or debate about the nominations was permitted, and candidates were allowed to speak only if nominated, so the meeting was extremely low key. Members of the Fulani faction abstained on all votes as a protest, accounting for between 16% and 19% of the weighted vote, or maybe slightly less. The remainder of the vote went to other candidates. Spitzer, Pirro and Hevesi each briefly addressed the meeting.

The following day the process of disenrolling approximately 140 party members allegedly affiliated with the Fulani organization was begun. That motion passed with 80% of the weighted vote, the vast majority cast by proxy. The measure must go to court before it will take effect.

State Committee Meeting - May 20
The State Committee removed a member from Broome County and filled a number of additional vacancies during a special meeting reportedly attended by approximately 20 members. Two members were also added to the Executive Committee, to fill a vacancy and replace a member who resigned.

State Committee Meeting - March 25
In a special meeting attended by approximately 70 members, the State Committee created a removal committee to recommend action in the case of a member from Broome County who allegedly has improperly set up an "interim county organization" that has issued Wilson-Pakula authorizations without the State Committee's knowledge. A hearing must now be held.

The committee also attempted to pass a rules change that would broaden the power of those who hold power on the State Committee to fill vacancies, at the expense of local party members, but no notice of the proposed change had been given with the meeting notice as required by law.

Several vacancies were also filled. Together with those filled at the previous meeting, they have the effect of diluting the voting power of the Fulani faction.

Independence Party Does Not Support Donald Trump - March 3
The Draft Trump for President campaign is a personal project of Frank MacKay, not an initiative of the Independence Party, which, contrary to published reports, has not endorsed any potential candidate.

State Committee Acts Against Fulani Faction
The State Committee attempted to disband three Interim County Organizations controlled by the party faction associated with Lenora Fulani at a meeting on February 4, 2006. About 44 members attended. By a weighted vote of 73% to 25% the Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx organizations were declared dissolved. The action is being disputed. Click here to read the Resolution.

The committee also amended the platform, apparently to make it easier to remove committee members. Click here for the Platform Addition.

Fulani Faction Removed from Executive Committee
Lenora Fulani and five allies were recalled from party leadership positions by 74% of the weighted vote at the State Committee meeting on September 18, 2005.

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