Letter from Tom Golisano  

September 18, 2005

Dear Friends:

When I worked with many of you to form the New York Independence Party we viewed it as a vehicle for positive change, reform and tolerance.

In recent months the Party has come under unfair criticism because of the outrageous and distasteful comments of Lenora Fulani regarding Jewish people and Israel. These comments have been compounded by her additional views that the United States is responsible for the attacks of 9-11.

As you all know these views in no way reflect the platform and beliefs of the Independence Party and serve as a distraction from the Party's efforts to support candidates who are committed to real reform of New York State's dysfunctional government.

I commend Chairman Frank MacKay and members of the State Committee for seeking to address this very serious problem in your deliberations today.

With best wishes to all the members of the Committee.

B. Thomas Golisano



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