Report from Onondaga County

by Brian Kaiser

Special kudos to all who attended the Annual Onondaga County IP Event on April 24, 2002. Many folks, from around the state, took the time from their busy schedules to drive to Syracuse, NY and they enjoyed a fun-filled evening. Thanks to the Empire Room and staff, in addition to NYS Fair Director Peter Cappucelli and Mike Summers for providing the added "special touches".

Again, as always, the "Flying Eagles", (as they call themselves), tried to out do last year's annual dinner. With an attendence of well over 250, they came to salute our State Chairman, Frank MacKay and hear Guest Speaker Gov. George Pataki. Chairman MacKay delivered a moving speech to a cheering crowd of IP members, local Conservatives, Democrats and Republicans who came to meet and greet him.

Held at the posh Empire Room of the New York State Fair, the evening was filled with food galore, music and adorned with special decorations, corsages, boutonnieres, and floral arrangements. Special thanks to County Vice Chm. Bob Gonzalski, for assisting in coordinating the event with workhouse Pauline Finch, as she outdid last year. They had more checklists and computer reports than a billionaire's IRS filing to execute an outstanding program. They each were rewarded with gifts as a token of appreciation by their committee for leadership.

The coveted Annual Chairman's Award was bestowed upon Jim Gysel for his outstanding past contributions to the county organization. Jim, a retired Air Force Major and Engineer, former County Treasurer and City Chairman provided an evening of delight with his performances on the piano. His music was drowned with the standing ovation and two-minute non-stop applause given to greet Gov. George Pataki as he arrived to deliver his "Guest of Honor" Speech.

The very pro-Pataki attendence of IP well-wishers continually interupted the Governor with loud applause as he addressed the group. His words were even applauded by B. Thomas Golisano who for the first time attended a CNY IP event.

The event concluded with a very nice "light show". As the house lights were blackened and a one-of-a-kind specially-made gift was presented to Gov. Pataki. The theme of the gift was "The Eagle has Landed in Syracuse", and last night the CNY IP endorsement landed for NYS Gov. George Pataki.

Please see: Onondaga IP Press Release.

Respectfully submitted,

Brian Kaiser -
State Vice-Chair, Independence Party
Chairman, Onondaga County Independence Party
IP Delegate, 119th AD


Introduction Given on April 24, 2002
by Brian Kaiser for
Governor George E. Pataki

Good Evening. Thank you all for coming tonight.

I would like to thank the State Fair Director Peter Cappuccilli for assisting with tonight's event.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Governor Pataki a year ago. He was in Syracuse for another event, and he went out of his way to meet with State Senator John DeFrancisco, our State Chairman Frank MacKay and I.

The Governor asked about our concerns and about the concerns important to our Party members.

While he's a Republican, it became clear to us immediately that he is most interested in representing all the people of New York - whether Republican, Democrat or Independence Party member. Most unusual for a politician, wouldn't you say.

Since that time, the Governor has gone out of his way to get to know and meet with Independence Party leaders, key members and delegates around the state. We have a lot in common.

With this in mind...

One tree can start a forest,
One star can guide a ship at sea,
One candle wipes out darkness,
One step starts each journey,
One voice can speak with wisdom,
One vote can change a state policy,

AND...One Governor can change New York.

Ladies and Gentleman - I am most honored, and it is with great pleasure to introduce the Governor of our great state, George Pataki.



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