Independence Party of New York
Endorses Charles Schumer for U.S. Senate

The Independence Party of New York nominated Chuck Schumer for U.S. Senate at its state convention in Albany last Sunday.

Walt Scheimann, a WWII veteran from Monroe County, entered Schumer's name into nomination. Harry Kresky, the party's legal counsel, spoke in support of the nomination.

"This is the second time we'll be marching together," said Schumer who ran with the Independence Party's backing in 1998. "I'm truly honored to accept your nomination. The fact is this party is filled with active people who will work hard to make our county a better place at no gain to themselves. If the founding fathers were looking down on this gathering, they would smile."

Independence Party state chair Frank MacKay called Senator's Schumer's near unanimous support "a tribute to his efforts to reach out and speak with our members in all parts of the state and a reflection of his respect for the diversity of the party."

In his acceptance speech Senator Schumer stated:

"The kinds of politics I practice and the kinds of politics you practice are the same. I believe in reaching out to the voters. I don't believe in intermediaries - party machines and so forth. One of the reasons this party is so diverse is because of the creed which underlies it -- reach out to the individual voter, see what's on their mind, don't get pushed aside by the power structures."

The Independence Party is the third largest party in the state with more than 280,000 members and Row C on the ballot. The Independence Party has as its major focus political, legislative and election reform. The Party recently won a federal lawsuit affirming its right to open its statewide primaries to 2.2 million unaffiliated voters, an effort Senator Schumer was an early supporter of.

Senator Schumer was the first statewide official elected with Independence Party support. He became the Independence Party candidate after defeating Mark Green in the party's first statewide primary.


This Independence Party press release was dated June 10, 2004.

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