Computerized Voting Machines Displayed
and Demonstrated at Rome City Hall

a photo essay by Tom Loughlin, Jr.

July 16, 2002

[Audiovoting machine demonstrated for blind voters]

Audiovoting device for blind voters - $500 extra on $6100 machine.


[Mayor Griffo points to new computerized ballot]

Mayor Griffo points to new ballot.


[Mayor Griffo presides over introduction of computerized voting machine to election inspectors at Rome City Hall]

Mayor Joe Griffo presides over Sequoia AVM Advantage
computer voting machine rollout for Rome election inspectors.


[More details on the Sequoia AVM Advantage]

More details on user friendly operation.


[Ta Da! - the future of voting out from under wraps at Rome City Hall courtesy Joe Griffo]

TA DA! The Future of Voting.




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