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News and opinion about minor parties and independent politics in New York state.


November 6th Election Determined Parties for Next 4 Years

The vote for Governor determines which parties get automatic ballot access until 2022.
Based on the results from the November 6th election, two parties, the Reform Party and the Women's Equality Party, lost their permanent ballot access.
The Libertarian Party and the Serve America Movement (SAM) took their places by each receiving over 50,000 votes for their gubernatorial candidates.

Minor parties retaining their ballot status were the Conservative, Working Families, Green, and Independence parties.

The Reform Party was the only party that had allowed unaffiliated voters to vote in all its primaries.
It's not yet known whether either of the two new parties will do the same.



Independents Voted in the Primary on September 13, 2018!

This is the first year ever that every independent in the state was able to vote in a primary.
The Reform Party allowed unaffiliated voters to vote in their primary contest for NYS Attorney General.
Turnout was many multiples of Reform Party enrollment statewide, so lots of unaffiliated voters took advantage of the opportunity.
There were also local races around the state.




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